Now doing bind rune design

A number of people have come to me over the last couple of months asking about the pricing for designing a custom bind rune, and I’ve finally “standardized” my prices.

Bind rune design is based upon 1) whether or not you know what runes you want, 2) How many runes, and 3) how many designs you want.

If you know what runes you want, I charge $1 per rune, $10 per design, so 3 runes for 3 options would be $1 X 3 X10 or $30.

If you don’t know what runes you want, I charge $5 per rune, $10 per option, so 3 runes with three options would be $5 X 3 X 10 or $45.

Design in includes a PDF document showing each design, along with accompanying documentation explaining each of the choices that was made, and why.

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Free Spirit Gathering Classes

Here’s the preliminary list of ritual and workshop offerings that I’ll be dong at Free Spirit Gathering


  • Blots – Tue-Sun 9am (Tuesday 9pm)
  • Oracular Seidr
  • Symbel (2)


Teen programming

  • Intro to Rune Reading
  • Making bind runes

Standard workshops

  • Spinning a good tale – Effective communication of Mythology
  • Advanced Divination 2 – Understanding your client
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Classes and rituals I am currently available to teach

Running a pagan festival, or a pagan pride day? Looking for someone to run rituals or offer workshops. The following is a list of rituals and classes that I am available to teach. I can be reached through Scott Mohnkern on Facebook.


  • Blot
  • Symbel
  • Oracular Seidr


  • Introduction to Heathenism
  • Introduction to Rune Reading
  • Creating Bind Runes
  • Making your own Rune Set (Materials fee)
  • Nine Noble Virtues
  • Advanced Divination 1 – Energy lines
  • Developing a relationship with Northern European Dieties
  • Communing with the Divine through Handicrafts
  • Run Valdr
  • Nithing Magic
  • Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, Approaches to Religion

New Classes

These classes have not been taught by me anywhere before, and I’m excited to teach them

  • Advanced Divination 2 – Knowing your client
  • Spinning a Good Tale – Effective communication of mythology
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