Free Spirit Gathering Classes

Here’s the preliminary list of ritual and workshop offerings that I’ll be dong at Free Spirit Gathering


  • Blots – Tue-Sun 9am (Tuesday 9pm)
  • Oracular Seidr
  • Symbel (2)


Teen programming

  • Intro to Rune Reading
  • Making bind runes

Standard workshops

  • Spinning a good tale – Effective communication of Mythology
  • Advanced Divination 2 – Understanding your client
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Classes and rituals I am currently available to teach

Running a pagan festival, or a pagan pride day? Looking for someone to run rituals or offer workshops. The following is a list of rituals and classes that I am available to teach. I can be reached through Scott Mohnkern on Facebook.


  • Blot
  • Symbel
  • Oracular Seidr


  • Introduction to Heathenism
  • Introduction to Rune Reading
  • Creating Bind Runes
  • Making your own Rune Set (Materials fee)
  • Nine Noble Virtues
  • Advanced Divination 1 – Energy lines
  • Developing a relationship with Northern European Dieties
  • Communing with the Divine through Handicrafts
  • Run Valdr
  • Nithing Magic
  • Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, Approaches to Religion

New Classes

These classes have not been taught by me anywhere before, and I’m excited to teach them

  • Advanced Divination 2 – Knowing your client
  • Spinning a Good Tale – Effective communication of mythology
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Upcoming Event – Sacred Space

I will be giving a workshop on Run Valdr at Sacred Space March 19-24 in Hunt Valley, MD

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