Classes I can offer

Here’s the current list of classes that I can offer.   I can talk on other topics with some notice.

Introductory courses

Intermediate/Advanced Courses


Booth Services/Merchanting

  • Rune Reading
  • Rún Valdr
  • Book Sales/autographs


Please fill out the form below if you are interested in having classes or rituals provided at your event.

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Short Description


Intro to Heathenism

An introduction to the Northern European Pagan Traditions

People interested in Heathenism

Intro to Runes

Introduction to Runic Divination

Beginning diviners

Intro to Bind Runes

Introduction to active magic through bind runes


Advanced Divination Techniques

Tracking energy relationships during a reading

Advanced diviners

NIdstang – Cursing magic in the northern european Traditions

Active cursing magic using runes and the nidstang

Advanced magical practitioners

Heathen Ethics: The Nine Noble Virtues

Round Table discussion of heathen ethics and philosophy

People interested in the philosophical and ethical issues of paganism

Communing with the Divine through Handicrafts

Round Table discussion of using handicrafts in paganism


Developing relationships with Northern European Deities

Round table discussion about how to relate to the gods of the north

People who are interested in pursuing a northern gods path.

Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, approaches to religion

Lecture on how individuals approach religion

People interested in academic discussion of religion, or individuals looking for a meta discussion of religion.

Make your own rune set

People wanting to develop a closer relationship with runes

People interested in taking a deeper plunge into divination.

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