Acts of Devotion – do they compel us to spirituality?

So a good friend recently suggested that I add evening devotionals to my daily practice.  Before I go to bed I offer a toast to the gods and goddesses I am tied closely too (So for me, that’s currently two toasts), giving thanks for their blessings.   Interestingly they also said that it should just be thanks, no requests.

I’ve been doing it for a little over a week now, while I’ve been building an altar (see my Instagram photos for pictures).

I’ve discovered something interesting

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Acts of Devotion and thanks

I’ve been having some recent discussions with a friend regarding relationships with the Norse Deities.  One of the questions that has come up is asking for blessings, and giving thanks during rituals.

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Grief and Remembrance – A Heathen’s reaction to the death of a loved one

This has been a difficult year for many of us.  In addition to economic troubles being very common, it seems as though the death of comrades is becoming increasingly common.   That may just be a sign of this heathen getting older.   I recently had a college classmate pass on to the next world, and a good friend posted a quote that, to summarize, said that grief was the last gift we give the departed.

As I thought of this, from my heathen chair, I disagreed.

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