Registration on site – Captcha

I recently enabled registration on this site, in preparation for online classes.   However, the minute I did it, several spam bots hit the site and registered.   Rather than trying to figure out who was, and who was not “real” I deleted all registrations from today, and enabled Captcha on the registration process.

If you were a valid registrant, my apologies, you’ll have to re-register.


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Acts of Devotion and thanks

I’ve been having some recent discussions with a friend regarding relationships with the Norse Deities.  One of the questions that has come up is asking for blessings, and giving thanks during rituals.

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Grief and Remembrance – A Heathen’s reaction to the death of a loved one

This has been a difficult year for many of us.  In addition to economic troubles being very common, it seems as though the death of comrades is becoming increasingly common.   That may just be a sign of this heathen getting older.   I recently had a college classmate pass on to the next world, and a good friend posted a quote that, to summarize, said that grief was the last gift we give the departed.

As I thought of this, from my heathen chair, I disagreed.

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