Cherry Hill Seminary announces spring session

Cherry Hill seminary has announced their spring session.

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Course Submissions for Free Spirit Gathering Submitted

I’ve submitted my courses and rituals for Free Spirit Gathering 2015.   No guarantees what (if any) will get accepted, but I thought I’d put out the list.  If you want to see a specific class or ritual, ping the staff :)


  • Morning Blots
  • Sumbel(s)


  • Intro to Heathenism
  • Rune Reading 101
  • Introduction to Bind Runes
  • Heathen Virtues
  • Advanced Divination Techniques
  • RuneValdr: Healing with the Runes
  • Communing with the divine using handicrafts
  • Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, approaches to religion

IS there a norse topic you’d like to see discussed at Free Spirit that you haven’t seen before?   Post a comment here.





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Acts of Devotion – do they compel us to spirituality?

So a good friend recently suggested that I add evening devotionals to my daily practice.  Before I go to bed I offer a toast to the gods and goddesses I am tied closely too (So for me, that’s currently two toasts), giving thanks for their blessings.   Interestingly they also said that it should just be thanks, no requests.

I’ve been doing it for a little over a week now, while I’ve been building an altar (see my Instagram photos for pictures).

I’ve discovered something interesting

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