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The Gods and Goddesses

Heimdall Discussion

HEIMDALL  by Eric Smith     The Shining Æse, carrier of Gjallrhorn, also known as Rig, was the watchman of the Norse Gods. He is less well known than a number of others and much of his lore was lost. … Continue reading

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                        Sif   Then Sif went forward and poured out mead for Loki into a crystal cup and said: Welcome now, Loki, and take the crystal cup full of ancient mead, you should admit, that of the children of … Continue reading

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                                  Tyr Tyr is the Norse god of courage, oaths, justice, and single combat.  He is typically portrayed as a one handed man carrying a spear.  The loss of his hand is a result of his agreement with the wolf … Continue reading

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