Classes and Rituals

This is a list of workshops and rituals I’m available to present/conduct at events

Name – Description – Time
Introduction to Heathenism- This is a basic introduction class on the northern european traditions – 2 hours
Introduction to Rune Reading – Introductory workshop on how to perform divination with the runes – hands on, 2-3 hours
Making your own Rune Set (Materials fee) – Follow up to Introduction to Rune Reading where students create their own rune set out of wood – 2 hours
Creating Bind Runes – Hands on workshop where students learn the fundamentals of creating bind runes, and then actually create a basic one – 2 hours
Advanced Divination 1 – Energy lines – This course is a cross tradition discussion where divinatory concepts related to reading energy lines are discussed. – 2 hours
Advanced Divination 2 – Knowing your audience – This course is a cross tradition discussion where participants will share experiences of the various stereotypes of people who come for “readings”. – 90 minutes
Nine Noble Virtues
Developing a relationship with Northern European Deities
Communing with the Divine through Handicrafts
Run Valdr
Nithing Magic
Scribe, Philosopher, Mystic, Approaches to Religion
Oracular Seidr