Pagans, Heathens, and Asatru oh my! – The discussion continues

So several months ago, at Sacred Space/Between the Worlds, I was sitting with a dear friend of mine, and she commented that one of the “unfortunate” things about being a heathen in the modern context was there was a lack of beauty and magic in the Asatru rituals.  I’d been meaning to try to pin her down to talk to her about it, but hadn’t had the time, and my thoughts hadn’t fully coalesced.  Now they mostly have… Continue reading

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Merchanting at Free Spirit Gathering

So I took the dive, I’ll be merchanting at Free Spirit Gathering.   There I will be:

  • Offering readings – Single rune draws for $5 and 6 rune draw readings for $20.
  • Selling my books at a discount.  If you’re interested in pre-ordering a book, please contact me on Facebook at Scott Mohnkern

If you have norse stuff you’re interested in selling there, let me know, maybe we can strike a bargain.


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Tentative offerings for Free Spirit Gathering

The schedule has not been finalized, but here’s the tentative schedule of what I’ll be teaching at Free Spirit Gathering.

  • Morning Blots – Every morning
  • Sumbel’s – Opening and closing
  • Rune Valdr – Runic healing
  • Heathen virtues
  • Communing with the divine through handicrafts
  • Manifesting leadership through archectype
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