Free Spirit Gathering 2020

Free Spirit Gathering 2020 has opened up registration, and they’ve lowered their Tue-Sun rate to $150! (That’s 1/2 of last year)

I’ll be doing Blots and Sumbels there, as well as teaching.

Be sure to check out their Facebook page at and their web site at

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Booth and rituals at Frederick Pagan Pride day

I’ll be conducting an Aegir Blot at the Frederick Pagan Pride Day as well as manning a booth where I’ll be doing readings, selling books, selling knit goods, offering counseling, as well as just sitting around and talking! Please be sure to stop by.

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Diviners festival – Exploring our Paths

I’m proud to announce the first year of the conference “Exploring our Paths – A conference for diviners” at the Clarion Inn Event Center in Frederick, MD on November 14-15, 2020. Registration, workshop submissions, and merchant space registration are now available.

This is a ecumenical conference focused on providing a forum for diviners of all skill ranges, and all sorts to talk about the practice of divination.

Information is available at

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